Ok kiddlywinks here are the answers to latin herb names in a flashcard quiz.


Some of the latin names such as PEUCEDANUM GRAVEOLENS! were outdated in that 1986 book so I modified them on the quiz. But it’s ok because Bob Dylan can play his ANTHEM (anethum) on the Grave of Len’s instead of puking on it!

The beautiful pictures I used were from a great site for medicinal herbs called The Herbal Resource.

This site was very useful in teaching me the root of the latin words and how to pronounce them – Dave’s Garden – Botanary (Such as ‘Peusedanum’ not ‘puked on ’em’)

Today  I dug up the rest of my potatoes before the wet weather rots them or slugs get to them and I sprinkled harvested radish seeds from my spring sowing of radishes in the fresh soil.

I looked into horticulture courses and came across the RHS level 2 course at botanical gardens Birmingham. It has already started and costs 400+ pounds.

So I took the example exam paper the site offers and tried to learn the answers myself from the internet.

Well I came across these!

Study Notes RHS Level 2 

Please pass them onto anyone you know who wants to study horticulture. They are so useful.

So now I am working my way through the course and it is so useful having a framework to contain my curiosity I can’t even express how helpful it is. I am so into learning about plants.

Last night my friend made delicious kale and potato soup from kales and potatoes I’d grown. I recommend giving your produce to amazing chefs!

I am happy because my 1996 readers digest guide to wild flowers arrived in the post today – it cost me £5.50 from world of books and is so beautiful. It was the book I used at my last wwoofing experience in the cabin to learn about wild edibles.

readers digest wild flowers 18th sep

I have yarrow in my garden now! I also split the chives, mint and lemon balm to spread as cover under my tree.

I also made a beautiful german apple cake for my friends birthday from apples I found on a tree on Smallbrook Queensway. They were in a church but fresh ones were on the floor so it isn’t being picked. The cake was amazing! They must be Eve’s apples!

Now is the time to split your herbaceous perennials at the roots and spread the love.

How do I know?

The RHS website! < guide to what to be doing in the garden each month.