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Sharing my Fluid

Get yourself into Birmingham town centre tomorrow for the second day of this:

Went to a great night as part of FLUID festival tonight. It’s in it’s first year and I really hope it gets bigger and is just the start. Loads of wonderful performers including:

Rebekah Ubuntu

Who premiered a 30minute piece of Queer Afro-futuristic electronica with live vocals and effects with wicked universe and cellular visuals it was really making me smile as if I was on drugs but it was just the music and the dancing and the people and my toenails! M


Mx World

Poppy Tibbetts who previously sang with Boy With Wings.

and other lovely performers you can find here.

Repeater played a funny funny video of Victoria beckham (Genus species) walking us through her wardrobe next to a spoof someone’s done of ‘victoria beckham’ giving a tour of her local newsagents. As well as an octopus cuddling a teddy. It was brilliant. Altogether it was talking about fashions and how they litter the world. I liked it. very squishy.

I was really scared of going to town to buy some waterproof shoes in preparation for more WWOOFing and I kind of knew in my heart I wasn’t going to do it so my friend took me before we went to the festival and I couldn’t be anymore grateful. It meant so much to me. I even found a much needed snood for half price. It’s called a polar chuff or something. We all smeared period blood on our cheeks to celebrate our natural beauty.

polar snuff cougar 24th sept.jpg