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Sharing my Fluid

Get yourself into Birmingham town centre tomorrow for the second day of this:

Went to a great night as part of FLUID festival tonight. It’s in it’s first year and I really hope it gets bigger and is just the start. Loads of wonderful performers including:

Rebekah Ubuntu

Who premiered a 30minute piece of Queer Afro-futuristic electronica with live vocals and effects with wicked universe and cellular visuals it was really making me smile as if I was on drugs but it was just the music and the dancing and the people and my toenails! M


Mx World

Poppy Tibbetts who previously sang with Boy With Wings.

and other lovely performers you can find here.

Repeater played a funny funny video of Victoria beckham (Genus species) walking us through her wardrobe next to a spoof someone’s done of ‘victoria beckham’ giving a tour of her local newsagents. As well as an octopus cuddling a teddy. It was brilliant. Altogether it was talking about fashions and how they litter the world. I liked it. very squishy.

I was really scared of going to town to buy some waterproof shoes in preparation for more WWOOFing and I kind of knew in my heart I wasn’t going to do it so my friend took me before we went to the festival and I couldn’t be anymore grateful. It meant so much to me. I even found a much needed snood for half price. It’s called a polar chuff or something. We all smeared period blood on our cheeks to celebrate our natural beauty.

polar snuff cougar 24th sept.jpg




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King David Cracks Out Farts Galore

Screen Shot 2017-09-19 at 23.19.34

Mahogany Opera Group – Man vs. Machine. Check them out! The graphics design college group who were sat around me were p*ssing themselves laughing it was really good. Mozart meets Raymond Scott discussing the beauty of music, copyrighting and it’s evolution in the most anarchic way.

It’s getting easier to push myself to go out with the right mantras in my head. Most recently it is “I need people”. Saw two lovely old friends and the show was just perfect. Like watching the inside of my head! Complete technicolour mayhem!

Kingdom Of Plants – David Attenborough – Great program! Check it out! I’m trying to find Kew gardens’ tree of life that gets mentioned but for now this is the best I’ve got.

Evolution Of Plants Chronological

Tomorrow – discover why I’ve been muttering:

King David/Philip CrackS Out Farts Galore (Smelly C*nt)

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Herb Test

susan mclure art 17th sept.jpgSusan McClure –

See if you can name the latin names for these herbs
(as listed in The Illustrated Encyclopaedia of Gardening by Arthur Hellyer)


My tip is to use memory images that link to the sound of the words and trigger stories in your brain.

So I drew a picture of Bob Dylan throwing up on a grave of a guy called len who wears big big glasses. BOB DYLAN PUKED ON A GRAVE OF LEN’S!

You try it. And I’ll have made a flashcard test by tomorrow.


I have made it back into humanity – I threw out my rope and it held fast so I’m holding on! Looking into horticulture courses and gardening jobs and my options.

Saw an amazing gig THE BEAT feat DAVE WAKELING – people talking about love onstage always gets me as well as the great music, great company and great support from RUDER THAN U (coventry band) and FRANTIC ACTION (birmingham band). Now looking forward to one day seeing the BEAT with RANKING ROGER who I missed at Shambala Festival!

Went to a beautiful garden party decorated with neon boards and patterns and light berries in a tree.

And visited the PRE FABS from 1920’s and post war on wake green road in Birmingham for an open day.

Walked into someone’s house on the way to buy eggs who had opened her studio for an OPEN ARTISTS weekend taking place round Birmingham and bought a card and got this little business card. It was nice learning a little micro story and seeing all her lovely pictures. She hasn’t painted very much for 3 years because she’s looking after her sick husband and she’s got MS. Her friends came round and took turns tidying up the studio with her and making it beautiful. She was so grateful for their support. The power of asking for practical, positive help with a project. Just like Barbara Sher says.

Being around new and well known people who I can talk to and finding a balance between talking about myself and my struggles in a positive and not bogged down way whilst learning about them and making each other laugh. Appreciating people a lot.

Didn’t want to go out at first but thought of it as a moral conundrum and put myself in the shoes of the people I care about who want to see me. Feeling very cosy at my friend’s house. It’s a long process to let yourself be accepted and I could have run away numerous times but I’ve been watching and learning like a little alien how I want to behave in order to get those cosy feelings and have my brain stimulated.

You know it’s a good day when you’re listening to the Penguin Cafe Orchestra.


Run of The Sarehole Mill

Today I took a little hobbit I know down the middle of the road into the middle of nowhere to find the middle earth festival full of middle class, middle aged medieval meddlers.

Cooler than the befuddled three year old jousters, the bumbling battle and the man flying an oversized cockatoo around was the apothecary apothe-carer who gave us a grizzly talk on the details of medieval surgery and had an impressive display of resins, powders and what looked like ear wax.

We even ate chips at the angry hobbit cafe. Hungry hobbit I mean. The Hangry Hobbit.

Altogether it was like being at a KISS tribute band convention! Very impressive stuff I thoroughly recommend it. Shot 2017-09-10 at 20.57.51